Why should I activate GhostDoc Community license?

Applies to
  • GhostDoc Community v2018 or newer
We're proud that our free version offers useful and relevant features to freelance developers, startups, students and open source enthusiasts.
GhostDoc Community Edition is licensed for personal, open source or educational use - https://submain.com/fwlink/ghostdoc/community/use
Thanks for being a GhostDoc user... It's your support that keeps us going!


Why license activation

The Activation allows us to gauge the product use and helps us to keep on improving and expanding GhostDoc to make it even better and more useful!
Now that you've been using GhostDoc for a while, we hope you're finding it as useful as many of our customers tell us they do.

How to activate community license

When you see the community license activation dialog, select the VS ID (if more that one) and click the Activate button.

What happens on the activation

We record the Activation event with your Name, VS ID (Email address), product version and version of the Visual Studio.
The Activation allows us to gauge the product use, provide you with the product information, updates and critical fixes, and other as defined in our Privacy Policy

Limitations when not activated

There are no limitations for GhostDoc Community within the first 30 days of use. If you opt not to activate the Community license after the 30 day period, you still will be able to use it subject to the following daily use limitations 
  • Document This (Ctrl-Shift-D) - you can use 10 times per day
  • Visual Editor (Ctrl-Shift-E) - you can use 3 times per day
When exceeding either of the daily limits, you will see the "activation" dialog.