CodeItRight.Cmd.exe Command Line Options

CodeItRight.Cmd is the command-line companion to the CodeIt.Right application. Like CodeIt.Right, CodeItRight.Cmd analyzes source code and reports violations, such as possible design, performance, and security issues. CodeItRight.Cmd can be used as a stand-alone tool or added to automated build processes.

The following are the command line parameters that are supported by SubMain.CodeItRight.Cmd.exe ; Parameter values are not case sensitive.

/Solution  - (Required*) - full file name of the solution to load (*.sln file) (*) This parameter is not required if /Project parameter specified.

/Project   - (Required*) - full file name of the project to load (*.csproj or *.vbproj file) (*) This parameter is not required if /Solution parameter specified.

/Out  - (Required) - full name of the XML report output file.

/OutXSL  - (Optional) - full name of the XSL file to override the default xsl.

/OutHtml  - (Optional) – specifies the full name of the HTML report output file when the HTML format preferred over the default XML.

/CRData - (Optional) - full name of the CodeIt.Right .crdata file. When specified, CodeItRight.Cmd will use the exclusion list (violations, rules, and files) saved using the Visual Studio version of CodeIt.Right.

/Profile  - (Optional) - name of the User Profile that defines active rule set for the analysis. When omitted, the built-in profile is used. The parameter value is not an absolute path but rather profile name as you see it in the dropdown in the Visual Studio toolbar. Note: CodeItRight.Cmd is looking for the profile <USER>\Documents\SubMain\CodeIt.Right {Edition} for VSxxxx\Profiles – when running CodeItRight.Cmd under a different user, be sure to copy your profiles into the corresponding folder for that user.

/severityThreshold  - (Optional) - Severity Threshold value to limit the output violation set. When omitted, the lowest Severity is used - None. Accepted values (from Higher to Lower):

  • CriticalError
  • Error
  • CriticalWarning
  • Warning
  • Information
  • None

/ProjectConfiguration - (Optional) – specifies one of the project configurations in Visual Studio - typically Debug or Release but this also allows to use your custom configuration if you created it in your VS environment. Sample syntax for /ProjectConfiguration parameter:


/RunStyleCop - (Optional) – runs StyleCop ruleset analysis when StyleCop is integrated with CodeIt.Right. Sample syntax for /RUnStyleCop parameter:


/DateAfter - (Optional)(v3 and newer) – analyze only files modified after the date (yyyy-MM-dd) – works only in v3 or newer. Sample syntax for /DateAfter parameter:


/UseAnalyzeList - (Optional)(v3 and newer) – analyze only files provided in <AnalyzeList /> of the .CRDATA file – works only in v3 or newer. Sample syntax for /UseAnalyzeList parameter:


/Quiet - (Optional) - disables console output.

/Help  - display list of command-line parameters.


SubMain.CodeItRight.Cmd.exe /Solution:"C:\MyProjects\MyProject\MyProject.sln" 
/CRData:"C:\MyProjects\MyProject\MyProject.crdata" /Profile:"My Profile" /severityThreshold:"Error"

Enterprise Edition Specific

The Enterprise Edition extends command line parameters to enable code metrics output and report distribution over email.

/RuleUpdate - (Optional)(EE Only) - this switch allows to propagate profile and rule changes published into Shared Folder. This is to be used in a build server Cmd only (no Visual Studio) setup.

/PropertyFilePath - (Optional)(EE Only) – allows pointing to a CodeIt.Right settings file to use one a shared location or for any reason to use the settings file alternative to the one in the user Documents folder. Sample syntax for /PropertyFilePath parameter:


/Metrics - (Optional)(EE Only) - generates XML output for one of the three code metrics reports – "Member", "Type" and "Code". Sample syntax for /Metrics parameter:


/SendTo - (Optional)(EE Only) - sends violation/metrics reports to list of email addresses. Sample syntax for /SendTo parameter:


Mail server is configured in "<Documents>\SubMain\CodeIt.Right Enterprise for VSxxxx\Properties\CodeIt.Right.Properties.xml" 

<Property PropertyID="3" Name="SmtpServer" Value="" />
<Property PropertyID="4" Name="SmtpPort" Value="25" />
<Property PropertyID="5" Name="SmtpEnableSsl" Value="false" />
<Property PropertyID="6" Name="SmtpUserName" Value="" />
<Property PropertyID="7" Name="SmtpPassword" Value="" />
<Property PropertyID="8" Name="MailSubjectPrefix" Value="" />
<Property PropertyID="9" Name="MailFrom" Value="" />

/mailSubject - (Optional)(EE Only) – overrides the default email subject - only applies when the SendTo parameter is specified. Sample syntax for /mailSubject parameter:

/mailSubject:"Violations report for MySolution.sln with Security Ruleset"

CodeItRight.Cmd Error Codes


  • Positive code equal to the number of violations found
  • 0 - No violations and no errors found
  • Negative codes for internal errors:
-1Command Line Switch Error
-2Command Line Argument Error
-3Initialization Error
-4Analysis Error
-5Output Error
-6Unknown Error