GhostDoc Enterprise Silent Registration - Command Line Parameters

The Enterprise edition of GhostDoc includes registration command line utility "SubMain.GhostDoc.Registration.exe" that enables silent activation of the product license.

If you don't have GhostDoc Enterprise installed, you can download the free 14 day evaluation copy here

Here is a quick reference for the utility command line switches:

/user [/u] 
  User name 

/license [/l] 
  License key 

/proxyHost [/h] 
  Proxy host 

/proxyPort [/p] 
  Proxy port 

/proxyUsername [/s] 
  Proxy user name 

/proxyPassword [/w] 
  Proxy password 

/localService [/v] 
  Local activation service URL 

/help [/?] 
  shows list of command line swithes


user - Use the actual user's name instead of the organization name even if just an AD/Domain account name

localService - Use this only when a local Enterprise Licensing Server is licensed and implemented for in-house product activation

proxy* - the proxy switches to be used when activating from behind a strict firewall


SubMain.GhostDoc.Registration.exe /user:"Bob Dylan" /license:"02354-7166A-23AFA-01EF5-70BB"

Example with the local Enterprise Licensing Server:

SubMain.GhostDoc.Registration.exe /user:"Bob Dylan" /license:"02354-7166A-23AFA-01EF5-70BB" /localService:"http://lic-server/licenseActivation/licenseActivation.asmx"