Download and Install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

If you already have HTML Help Workshop installed and GhostDoc can't find it, you may have changed the default location. GhostDoc is looking for ProgramFiles(x86)\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe or ProgramFiles\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe 

HTML Help Workshop

You need Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (compiler for .CHM files) when you want GhostDoc to generate help documentation in a compiled help (.CHM) format. 
The Microsoft HTML Help compiler is available for download from Microsoft free of charge. 

     Microsoft HTML Help Workshop Download

After installing HTML Help Workshop, you may see a message that you "already have a newer version of HTML Help." Please ignore it! This message refers to the run-time components for displaying HTML Help on Windows, and on current computers, the existing runtimes are always newer than those in the HTML Help Workshop package.

HTML Help documentation

You do not need the HTML Help documentation if you are using GhostDoc for generate help docs.

     HTML Help Documentation Download

The documentation includes the following files.

  • HTML Help Authoring Guide (Htmlhelp.chm)
    Shows how to plan, create, and compile Help projects using HTML Help Workshop.
  • HTML Help ActiveX Control Reference (Hhaxref.chm)
    Explains the parameters, commands, and methods of the HTML Help ActiveX Control.
  • HTML Help API Reference (Api.chm)
    Covers the commands, structures, and notification messages for the HTML Help API.
  • HTML Reference (Htmlref.chm)
    A basic HTML reference for Help authors.
  • Help for the HTML Help Viewer (Viewhlp.chm)
    A redistributable set of topics that provide help for the HTML Help viewer. These can be customized according to your needs.
  • HTML Help API Library File (Htmlhelp.lib)