GhostDoc Enterprise - Command Line Parameters

The Enterprise edition of GhostDoc includes command line utility that enables continuous integration to generate help documentation as part of the build process.

If you don't have GhostDoc Enterprise installed, you can download the free 14 day evaluation copy here.

The GhostDoc Enterprise command line is quite straightforward to use. Here is a quick reference:

/solution  [/s]
solution file to load (*.sln file)

/helpConfiguration  [/h]
help configuration to use

/projectConfiguration  [/c]
project configuration

/consoleDetailed  [/d]
show detailed console output (brief is default)

/quiet [/q]
hide console output


helpConfiguration - is the configuration you save in the Build Help File dialog

projectConfiguration - is your VS project/build configuration - Debug, Release or your custom config.

Example 1:

Help documentation generated using the "HelpFile" configuration

SubMain.GhostDoc.Cmd.exe /solution:"Sample.sln" /helpConfiguration:"HelpFile" /projectconfiguration:"Debug" 

Example 2:

Help documentation generated using the custom help configuration "Website" with detailed console output

SubMain.GhostDoc.Cmd.exe /solution:"Sample.sln" /helpConfiguration:"Website" /projectconfiguration:"Debug" /consoledetailed
NOTE: The example above assumes you have saved a custom Help Configuration named "Website" - see the screenshot below -


Ok..HOW DO I GET / START THE COMMAND LINE? I tried running CMD and it's not working and Visual Studio Enterprise version of GhostDoc does not have a Command Line option like NUGET. Assume I'm ignorant of this, which I am, and include opening of the correct command line somewhere that bing / google search will catch.

SubMain.GhostDoc.Cmd.exe /solution:"Sample.sln" /helpConfiguration:"HelpFile" /projectconfiguration:"Debug" /consoledetailed


'SubMain.GhostDoc.Cmd.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

So this means my PATH does not have the correct entry OR that I'm using the wrong command line. But since this knowledge is assumed in the above article, there's no way of telling. Also, all I'm seeing is CommandLine.dll, which is not associated with host process.

Robert Dytmire (2/27/2018 at 6:45 AM)
This issue seems to be lack of PATH entry on my system. Ghostdoc install is not updating the PATH environment to the ghostdoc enterprise folder. Thus nothing in this article will work.
Robert Dytmire (2/27/2018 at 7:11 AM)
Robert, that is correct, you would have to add the PATH entry on your own or use the full path to SubMain.GhostDoc.Cmd.exe. Our suggestion is also to use the MSI (EXE) version of the GhostDoc Enterprise setup to install the command line tools only (no VS integration), then your Cmd tools are always going to be in Program Files (x86)\SubMain\GhostDoc Enterprise\ folder
Serge B. (2/27/2018 at 2:47 PM)