What's New in GhostDoc v4.8

What's new in v4.8:

  • Official Visual Studio 2013 support
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Detailed changes by build:

  • Build 4.8.13316 (Nov 12, 2013) - v4.8 Release
    • Added: Official Visual Studio 2013 support
    • Added: (Ent) /localService command line switch to Registration utility for license activation using Enterprise Licensing Server
    • Fixed: (Pro) MS Help Viewer documentation is now generated correctly
    • Fixed: (Pro)Build Help File now works when solution contains two or more projects with the same name
    • Fixed: (Pro) Issue determining code sample language in mixed language web-site project
    • Fixed: (Pro) Issue generating incorrect documentation for "On" methods
    • Fixed: (Pro) Spacing issue when inserting file header

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