Can GhostDoc run on the whole solution?

We are not offering the option to "document" a complete project/solution with a single click nor have it in our plans to add that feature. GhostDoc Pro comes with Document File and Document Type features and that's as far as we are willing to go.

Below is the reason why we made the decision not to include the "whole solution" option.

As you know GhostDoc generates XML Comment templates and in some cases pulls documentation from the parent method when present.

In the comment template scenario, GhostDoc makes an effort to guess XML Comment content from the method signature. If good naming conventions are followed it may generate decent template text but by no means that is complete documentation. In any event, a developer using the product is expected to edit and add to the generated template in order to make the comment meaningful and useful.

In the scenario when the project doesn't have any documentation, in our opinion, generating XML comments with GhostDoc without editing them would produce pretty much the same result as no docs - quite unusable documentation or "un-documentation".

For those who want to use GhostDoc to avoid warnings by compiler, StyleCop, or any other code analysis tool, our advice is to suppress/turn off the warning instead of generating lots of empty stubs.