Can GhostDoc Community be used within an organization?

Applies to
  • GhostDoc Community v5 or older
This article provides the answer to the question "Can the free version of GhostDoc Community Edition be used within an organization?"

With the GhostDoc v2018 release, we have made adjustments to who is eligible for the GhostDoc Community licensing and introduced a separate GhostDoc Community Edition EULA. Please consult with Who can use GhostDoc Community Edition before proceeding further with this article.

GhostDoc Community Edition is a lighter version of our commercial offering providing the starter set of features free of charge to freelance developers, startups, students and open source enthusiasts. 

GhostDoc Community is generally cannot be used by organizations with very few exceptions. Please read Who can use GhostDoc Community Edition to see if your individuals within your organization qualify to use GhostDoc Community.

Who is eligible for the Community version support?

The individual who downloaded and installed the GhostDoc Community is eligible for the product support. The company that individual works for is not eligible for support.

Can GhostDoc Community be deployed "silently"?

No, the free version is licensed to individuals and cannot be used for silent deployment. In fact, only GhostDoc Enterprise setup is designed to support silent installation.

Can GhostDoc Community be part of a developer machine image, virtual machine image or virtual desktop?

No, the free version is licensed to individuals and must be downloaded and installed by the end-user personally.