cref attribute prefixes in XML comments for GhostDoc
Idea shared by Nicole C. Tedesco - 1/1/2019 at 1:13 AM
Microsoft XML comment documentation defines, and SandCastle supports, cref attribute prefixes below.  It is not clear that GhostDoc supports these prefixes, and it seems it does not.  Is this feature missing in GhostDoc, or is there something I need to do to turn this on?
N namespace

You cannot add documentation comments to a namespace, but you can make cref references to them, where supported.
T type: class, interface, struct, enum, delegate
F field
P property (including indexers or other indexed properties)
M method (including such special methods as constructors, operators, and so forth)
E event
! error string

The rest of the string provides information about the error. The C# compiler generates error information for links that cannot be resolved.

See "Processing the XML File (C# Programming Guide) at the Microsoft documentation web site at:
Nicole C. Tedesco

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Misha Zhutov Replied
Employee Post
Hi Nicole,
Yes, GhostDoc supports that. You can find all project/solution members (to reference in your code) if you build help file with "VS intelliSense file" format.

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