Setting to not use fully qualified namespace
Question asked by Work - October 9, 2018 at 12:54 AM
When ghostdoc generates references to other classes it always but the full qualified namespace in which our standard is to shorted as we already have the usings in place. We also use resharper and this is fully controllable, is there somewhere in ghostdoc to do the same?
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The major difference


If there is a namespace declaration anywhere in the XML file, it is available for that element and all elements in its child tree.


Unqualified: If you declare a namespace without using a prefix (unqualified), the default namespace is changed. This means, that all elements without a namespace prefix will be in that specific namespace in the child tree of that element.


Qualified: When using qualified namespace declaration, you define a namespace prefix (like a reference) and only those elements will be in that namespace, that have the specified prefix. The default namespace is not changed, therefore elements without prefixes remain in empty namespace.


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