Support for JetBrains Rider, especially on Linux
Idea shared by Peter Shrosbree - September 17, 2018 at 8:26 AM
Are there any plans to create a cross-platform version of GhostDoc for JetBrains Rider?
With the rising popularity of Docker increasingly my work is on Linux, and so I use JetBrains Rider.
GhostDoc is the plugin tool I miss the most. I would pay a good deal for this plugin for JetBrains Rider on Linux. Cross-platform support would be even better.

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Hi Peter,
Thank you for the suggestion but we have no plans for a cross-platform version or Rider support (which requires the cross-platform support as a pre-requisite).
Moving cross-platform is a major effort that essentially requires rewriting the product from scratch and replacing all of the third-party UI libraries we use.
There is very little interest we see from our users at this point to justify the major investment of that sort.
Serge Baranovsky
SubMain Software
(800) 936-2134
Thanks for the reply.

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