Support for JetBrains Rider, especially on Linux
Idea shared by Peter Shrosbree - September 17 at 8:26 AM
Are there any plans to create a cross-platform version of GhostDoc for JetBrains Rider?
With the rising popularity of Docker increasingly my work is on Linux, and so I use JetBrains Rider.
GhostDoc is the plugin tool I miss the most. I would pay a good deal for this plugin for JetBrains Rider on Linux. Cross-platform support would be even better.

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Serge B. Replied
Employee Post
Hi Peter,
Thank you for the suggestion but we have no plans for a cross-platform version or Rider support (which requires the cross-platform support as a pre-requisite).
Moving cross-platform is a major effort that essentially requires rewriting the product from scratch and replacing all of the third-party UI libraries we use.
There is very little interest we see from our users at this point to justify the major investment of that sort.

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