GhostDoc Pro frequently hangs VS when invoking document this
Problem reported by Peter Shrosbree - September 3, 2018 at 12:32 PM
I am sure everyone has experienced this, but 'Document This' frequently hangs Visual Studio. This has been the case since at least Visual Studio 2015, and remains true through all versions of GhostDoc Pro and Visual Studio to date. I experience these hangs at least every day, but usually no more than two or three times a day. I have to kill VS with Process Explorer and start again.
It is frustrating because GhostDoc still saves me more time than I lose in restarts and lost work. I am not saying it is GhostDoc that is causing the problem, it could be something else, but it only happens when I run Document This.
I also run CodeMaid, ReSharper, OzCode, NDepend, and CodeRush. I have toyed with not using these plugins, but after encountering the same issues I abandoned trying to see if it was caused by an interaction between them. There is only so much time I am prepared to put into fixing bugs in code I have paid for.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a way of avoiding it without losing functionality?

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Serge B. Replied
Employee Post
Hi Peter,
What GhostDoc version/edition and VS version/edition you are experiencing this issue?
Serge Baranovsky
SubMain Software
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