Add <returns> element on properties
Idea shared by Staffan Wärnberg - August 22, 2018 at 12:08 AM
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this is both a suggestion and a problem/question.
The <returns> element is recommended over <value> when documenting properties. For example, look in the Object Browser on System objects and you will see that the properties have Returns information.
However, GhostDoc generates <value> element instead, and to me it doesn't give any value. Instead I would like to have the <returns> element added. My suggestion is to change the default documentation for properties to this, or at least add <returns> along with <value> if people really use that too.
Meantime, I thought I could add <returns> as an element to properties on my own machine. However, I can't find a way to add that. It's not possible to add or remove elements to the default documentation, and when adding a new rule, the <returns> element is not in the list, and it can't be added. How can I accomplish this?

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Hi Staffan,
Thank you for reporting that. We will add possibility to add <remarks> tag to document properties soon and let you know.

Sounds good. Although I hope you mean <returns> and not <remarks>?
Sorry. Yes, I meant <returns>.

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