VS2017 15.7.4 - Visual Studio still loading the project
Problem reported by Andrey Sploshnov - August 5, 2018 at 12:34 AM
I have VS2017 Community Edition and GhostDoc Pro 2018.1.18150 RC. I get the error message above every time I press Ctrl+Shift+D. I have read the topic about the same problem with VS2017 15.6 and I can confirm that this problem is still exists with the latest released version of GhostDoc Pro and latest beta version available. Log file is attached: GhostDoc Pro.log
Thank you in advance.
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Serge B. Replied
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Hi Andrey, please download the latest version of the GhostDoc - I was informed it includes fix for the issue you reported. Thanks!
Serge Baranovsky
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I am getting the same problem with:
- Visual Studio 2017 Pro Version 15.7.5
- GhostDoc Community 5.9.18070.0 
- A solution with a single C# .NET Standard 2.0 project
I'm having this same issue with VS Pro 2017 (15.8.7) using GhostDoc Community GhostDoc.v2018.1.18330
I have tried uninstall/reinstall but problem persists.

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