GhostDoc doesn't recognize methods with c#7 "default" shorthand
Problem reported by Matthew Hull - April 3, 2018 at 12:48 PM
If a method using c#7 uses the "default" shorthand, GhostDoc cannot recognize the method. 
For example
// assignment
MyClass x = default;
// method signature
public void MyMethod<T>(T myvar = default)
instead of the "old style":
// assignment
MyClass x = default(MyClass);
// method signature
public void MyMethod<T>(T myvar = default(T))
The error log contains this message:
Exception Source: Parser exception
Exception Message: error: identifier '(' expected, FileName: C:\Development\PathRedacted\Validator.cs
Line: 362, Col: 120,
Line text: " public IValidator<string> IfExistsAs<T>(string key, out T value, bool notNullOrZero = true, T valueOnIgnore = default)"
Stack Trace :
   at A.c2a633a86bc6520b19077f08c4d83eef0.Step(IToken t)
   at A.c804faa950c7761f2e28972a9625a2f9b.c1affc771884eab0f51afc48f82d63a20()
   at A.c804faa950c7761f2e28972a9625a2f9b.c2e25023829bea8531d7dc3733fa1cd36()
   at A.c804faa950c7761f2e28972a9625a2f9b.c10813f9f47b5115bf91d0dbc6375c483()
   at A.c804faa950c7761f2e28972a9625a2f9b.cc44c18faf165c670d05b3113d40359f0()
   at A.c7b68a6e08219948356c3e8b388a1a2c5.cc4badd6a3e5c5623821b7577b02193ef()
   at A.c2a633a86bc6520b19077f08c4d83eef0.ParameterList(IMember parent)
   at A.c144179a81958e48c0867485a5df7fff3.c581074e4f15614505aaf43ef7c03ca58()
   at A.c85d63cdad2a75941f7e65d2c2d359aad.c66772c4aca7dd32de5f62e3af4d8c3a8(ICompilationUnit , IClassInterface , INamespaceDeclaration )
   at A.c85d63cdad2a75941f7e65d2c2d359aad.cbceecda92945e0fdceb8fc69cbec7b63()
   at A.cb68d1b45010ff9a861d749e0871601be.cfb8d75f7155fc3a47e8a8718d15bb676(IRegion , INamespaceDeclaration , IType , ICompilationUnit , AttributeSectionCollection , MemberModifiers , IRegion )
   at A.c2a633a86bc6520b19077f08c4d83eef0.NamespaceMember(INamespaceDeclaration currentNamespaceDeclaration)
   at A.c2a633a86bc6520b19077f08c4d83eef0.NamespaceMember(INamespaceDeclaration currentNamespaceDeclaration)
Sometimes it appears to ignore methods which follow the offending method.
This happens in both the beta and the regular pro. It happens in VS2017 (as well as vs2015 although the syntax is invalid there)

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Serge B. Replied
Employee Post
Thank you for reporting the issue. We have updated our parser with the C# 7.1 syntax change we missed. 
The fix is rolled into the upcoming major v2018 release.
Serge Baranovsky
SubMain Software
(800) 936-2134

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