"Document This" hangs Visual Studio
Problem reported by Dimitris Zeimpekakis - 9/21/2021 at 3:38 AM
When running "Document This" on any field/function on a specific solution, the Visual Studio hangs and I can only force close it even after waiting several minutes. Up until yesterday it worked as expected and still works on other solutions. I tried to reinstall the extension. unchecking "Use Comment Editor for Document This" and then checking "Use alternative Comment Editor load method", "Do not cache Comment Editor window", but the VS still hangs.

When that happens, on the log file I can see the following line:
_projectFile == null for currentProject with name: "MY_PROJECT_PATH_PLACEHOLDER"
(where MY_PROJECT_PATH_PLACEHOLDER  is my project path)

Then after force closing the project:
CheckSubscriptions method start
Finish CheckSubscriptions without updating, last update was 3 hours ago.

Visual Studio Pro 2019 v16.11.3
GhostDoc Pro v2021.2.21150

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Misha Zhutov Replied
Employee Post
Hi Dimitris,

Please provide us with the full log file - please send it to support@submain.com

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