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Recent Articles

I’ll Delete Your Commented Code Without Reading It and I’m Not Sorry

[image]I was knee-deep in a mess of undocumented legacy code. I wasn’t even sure who had authored this code, but whoever it was, they had long departed to places unknown. The code was in a language I didn’t even really know. And the bug was...

SubMain News by Melissa McEwen
C# Dictionary: Definition, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

[image]So far we’ve had the opportunity to take a deep C# dive on arrays, lists, and the very valuable enum. Today we are going to stay in the System.Collections.Generic namespace and learn about a structure that’s designed for lookups—the C#...

SubMain News by Rick Beley
Taking the Sting Out of Code Documentation

[image]It’s a sad fact that code documentation rarely gets the attention it deserves. That’s a shame since it’s often a crucial part of the final product. Bad documentation often makes the difference between how easy it is to fix a bug a year...

SubMain News by Melissa McEwen
Code Inspections? Get Over Yourself.

[image]When I last looked for software engineering jobs, I came across a post that looked perfectly normal until I got to a line that said, “Participate in daily code inspections.” What the heck was a code inspection? It sounded pretty serious...

SubMain News by Melissa McEwen
CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 17

[image]It’s time for a deep dive into yet another three CodeIt.Right rules. In case you’ve missed it, this continues a post series in which we, well, do a deep dive into the CodeIt.Right Rules. CodeIt.Right is an automated code review tool...

SubMain News by Erik Dietrich
C# Enum: Definition, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

[image]We’ve discussed arrays and lists in C#. This time, we’ll take the same journey with a funky little type called the enum. C# enums are very useful constructs, but they have some quirky behavior that can bite you if you’re not careful. Let’s...

SubMain News by Justin Boyer
Using CodeIt.Right to Create C# Coding Standards

[image]Does your team use a coding standard? If the answer is no, then I’m afraid you’re missing out on a lot of important benefits. This post will help you create (and automate) C# coding standards using Submain’s CodeIt.Right. I’ll start out by...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
Is XML Dying?

[image]Since the beginning, web developers have always needed to transport and store data, and there’s an entire generation of web developers that has only ever used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for that purpose. That choice makes sense;...

SubMain News by T.J. Simmons