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CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 22

Welcome back to the CodeIt.Right Rules Explained series. For those of you who haven’t seen an installment in this series, let’s explain what it’s all about. CodeIt.Right is a tool that performs automated code review for .NET. It checks your code against a set of rules, giving you valuable feedback on its quality. Throughout the series, we’ve been explaining these rules, always three at a time. In every post in this series, we start with the following two rules of thumb: Never implement a...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
Released: GhostDoc v2018.2

A minor feature update build v2018.2.19030 is now available Changes in v2018.2 GhostDoc now uses Async integration with Visual Studio with background load enabled. This minimizes the GhostDoc load on Visual Studio startup. Added new setting Options -> Solution Options -> General -> “Use tag for inherited comments”. When checked, GhostDoc will insert the tag instead of copying the base member documentation. Note: When using the , remember it is a...

SubMain News by Serge Baranovsky
5 Ways You Might Be Failing at Software Doneness

One of the most anticipated acts at a circus is the juggler—a performer who can move five or six or more balls in the air at the same time. The really complicated juggling acts, however, add something extra to wow the crowd. The juggler first climbs some stairs, high up but still close enough for everyone to see. He’s on a platform. The overhead lights are dim while one bright spotlight is on the juggler as he starts to juggle—one, two, three, four, five, and six balls moving effortlessly...

SubMain News by Vlad Georgescu
C# Interface: Definition, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

The C# interface isn’t exactly intuitive. Interfaces, in general, are common. We use them all the time. You’re using at least one interface right now as you read this article. Keyboards, mice, and screens are interfaces to your operating system. It’s the same concept with C# interfaces. In this article, I’ll start with these familiar device interfaces as a metaphor for explaining the C# interface. I’ll use examples and alert you to some of the pitfalls. You’ll also learn about industry...

SubMain News by Phil Vuollet
How to Document Code: 5 Ways to Help Maintenance Programmers

Imagine you’re a software developer working on a financial application. One day you’re assigned (or, if you’re agile, you pick yourself) to implement changes to the overtime computation logic so your company can sell the application in France. In France, the official work week has 35 hours (lucky them) instead of the 40 hours in the US. Being new to the team, you’re not sure where to begin, so you start searching the codebase for the keyword “overtime.” Let’s see the search results. No, no...

SubMain News by Vlad Georgescu
Code Contracts: A Technique to Cut Down on Bugs

Rent, employment, house buying: you name it. If you’re an adult, chances are that you’ve signed several contracts in your life (and will probably sign many more). A contract is an agreement that defines the rights and obligations of two or more parties in order to accomplish something. Having a proper contract in place is a powerful tool to clear doubts about what you’re allowed or not allowed to do to the apartment you live at, for instance. A contract also defines penalties for the parties...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The 4 Code Review Practices That Make Devs Quit

[image]If we start with the premise that having code reviews is better than not having them, the next step is to figure out how to make them better. And though we’re all aware that code reviews are a good thing, they can quickly degenerate into...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 21

[image]Welcome to another installment of the “CodeIt.RightRules Explained” series. If the previous sentence doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t despair—here’s a quick recap. CodeIt.Right is one of the SubMain’s offerings. You can think of it as...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults