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CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 20

[image]Time for yet another deep dive into three more CodeIt.Right Rules. For those of you who don’t know about our CodeIt.Right Rules series, here’s a brief explanation. CodeIt.Right is one of the tools offered by SubMain. It’s a static code...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The Case for Web Forms, Even in 2018

[image]It seems easy for people to say things like “LOL, Web Forms” or “Web Forms is dead.” Web Forms sometimes gets very little respect from the .NET development community. We look forward in time, forgetting the giants on whose shoulders we...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
Web.config: 5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

[image]We as software developers have created several disciplines for coding: test-driven developments, clean code principles, and screaming architecture, to name a few. However, we often find our web.config files can sprawl out of control. We...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
Should You Hold Spelling Errors Against Developers?

[image]You’re checking out some code. It’s been a long time since you looked at this project. Or maybe it’s the first time. You point your editor at an interesting file name and double-click to open it. Your coffee is warm, your mind is clear...

SubMain News by Eric Goebelbecker
Released: GhostDoc v2018

Note to the GhostDoc v5 users: The v2018 . Users with License Protection or active Software Assurance subscription are eligible for a free upgrade. See the information at the bottom of this post for the details. The v2018 release is packed with new and exciting features of which one particular is long awaited for – visual editing for XML comments – the feature that makes XML documentation authoring a breeze! New features Visual Editing for XML Comments New menu and VS command – Document...

SubMain News by Serge Baranovsky
C# Switch Statement: What Is It, How to Use It, and Why You Should Beware

[image]Time to cover yet another construct of the C# language. In this series, we’ve already covered the C# list, array, and string, to name a few. Today’s post is a little bit different, though. Its subject isn’t a data structure or type, but...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
Treat Warnings As Errors. I Mean It. You Need to Do This

[image]We here on the SubMain blog love to talk about programming best practices. Sometimes we’ll cover topics that are specific to C# or .NET as a whole. Other times, however, we write about concepts that are universal. Today’s post falls into...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
Code Review Prep: 4 Tips to Eliminate Inefficiency

[image]Code review is, hands down, one of the most fundamental best practices a software shop can employ to produce better software. A good code review practice can shed light on design problems, improve the readability of the code, and spread...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults