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C# Constructor: Usage, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

[image]We’ve already covered so many C# concepts, and most of them relate to objects. This is hardly surprising, C# being an object-oriented language. What is surprising is that, up until this point, we haven’t covered the “thing” responsible for...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The 9 Coding Standards C# Developers Need to Get Started

[image]C# is about objects, classes, and class methods. The runtime handles memory management so you don’t have to. Your C# code is compiled into an intermediate language and runs on the .NET platform. It’s a language built around productivity;...

SubMain News by Phil Vuollet
Automated Documentation: What It Means and 3 Tools to Help

[image]If you’re a software developer, then I’d bet you use some kind of automated testing. And if you don’t, you certainly should. But what about “automated documentation?” Do you know what this means? Are you putting this technique to work for...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The 3 Most Common C# Data Types: Explanations and Examples

[image]If you’re a regular reader of the SubMain blog, you’ll know that we often publish posts about fundamental concepts of the C# language. Today’s post adds yet another chapter to this ongoing series. The topic we’ll cover is, in fact, as...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The Top 5 Automated Code Review Tools for 2019

[image]When you’re coding by yourself, for yourself, your code style doesn’t matter that much. Developers the world over have GitHub profiles full of horrible, ugly code they wrote to tinker with some new library or language. Their goal wasn’t to...

SubMain News by Eric Boersma
Code Documentation: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

[image]You’re a little ways into your first programming job, and things are getting easier. At first, all the code you had to deal with might have overwhelmed and confused you, but you’re starting to get the hang of it. That’s great! Now you’re...

SubMain News by Eric Boersma
C# Class: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Get You Started

[image]When you first start out with C#, you’ll surely begin by creating a class. This is true whether you’re creating the code by hand or having a tool do it for you. The class is one of the most basic elements of the C# language. It serves many...

SubMain News by Phil Vuollet
Code Review Tools: The Different Kinds and 3 You Must Have

[image]Code review is one of the most common topics here on the SubMain blog. Today’s post covers this subject again, this time attacking a very specific angle: code review tools. If you’ve been a software developer for a while, you’re probably...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults