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Visual Studio IntelliSense Not Working? What To Do.

[image]There are certain tools that have become indispensable for developers in this day and age. These tools often start as “nice-to-haves” but quickly graduate to “must-haves” due to the benefits they provide. Once you get used to relying on...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
Automated Code Reviews: 5 Manual Checks You Can Automate

[image]I am curious about how infrequent automated code reviews seem to be in the workplace. As software developers, we pride ourselves on our ability to automate away other people’s problems. Much of what we do is scrutinizing manual work done...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
How Much Time Do Programmers Spend Debugging? Too Much

[image]We’ve all been in that situation where you’re streaming along, banging out some sick code for a new feature. You’re excited to see how many minds you’ll blow when you demo it. And then you see a blip on your radar. Something is going wrong...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
C# Struct: Definition, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

[image]Ahh, C# structs: a classic carryover from the C/C++ days. Have you ever used one? Wondering how they work? Well, they are similar to classes with some substantial differences. Structs have niche value to us as C# developers. You don’t...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
4 Reasons Why We Need Code Comments

[image]Why do we need code comments? I would not be surprised if your first answer is, “We don’t.” I get it. Senior developer after senior developer has taught us that “comments are bad.” And we cheerfully nod our heads, saying, “I am smarter for...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 20

[image]Time for yet another deep dive into three more CodeIt.Right Rules. For those of you who don’t know about our CodeIt.Right Rules series, here’s a brief explanation. CodeIt.Right is one of the tools offered by SubMain. It’s a static code...

SubMain News by Carlos Schults
The Case for Web Forms, Even in 2018

[image]It seems easy for people to say things like “LOL, Web Forms” or “Web Forms is dead.” Web Forms sometimes gets very little respect from the .NET development community. We look forward in time, forgetting the giants on whose shoulders we...

SubMain News by Mark Henke
Web.config: 5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

[image]We as software developers have created several disciplines for coding: test-driven developments, clean code principles, and screaming architecture, to name a few. However, we often find our web.config files can sprawl out of control. We...

SubMain News by Mark Henke