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You Can Use GhostDoc's Document This with JavaScript

If you haven't lived in a techie cave the last 10 years, you've probably noticed JavaScript's rise to prominence. Actually, forget prominence. JavaScript has risen to command consideration as today's lingua franca of modern software development...

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If You Automate Your Tests, Automate Your Code Review

For years, I can remember fighting the good fight for unit testing. When I started that fight, I understood a simple premise. We, as programmers, automate things. So, why not automate testing? Of all things, a grad school course in software...

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Are You Ready for Zero Day Software Deployment?

As a teenager, I remember having a passing interest in hacking. Perhaps this came from watching the movie Sneakers . Whatever the origin, the fancy passed quickly because I prefer building stuff to breaking other people's stuff. Therefore, what I...

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CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 2

A little while back, I started a post series explaining some of the CodeIt.Right rules . I led into the post with a narrative, which I won't retell. But I will reiterate the two rules that I follow when it comes to static analysis tooling. Never...

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GhostDoc - Customizing Generated Method Header Comments

Last month, I wrote a post introducing you to T4 templates . Near the end, I included a mention of GhostDoc's use of T4 templates in automatically generating code comments. Today, I'd like to expand on that. To recap very briefly, recall that...

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Released: CodeIt.Right v3.0

The v3.0 of CodeIt.Right v3 is here – the new major version of our automated code review and code quality analysis product. Here are the v3.0 new feature highlights: VS2017 RC integration Official support for VS2015 Update 3 and ASP.NET 5/ASP.NET...

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CodeIt.Right Rules, Explained - Part 1

I've heard tell of a social experiment conducted with monkeys. It may or may not be apocryphal, but it illustrates an interesting point. So, here goes. Primates and Conformity A group of monkeys inhabited a large enclosure, which included a...

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Intro to T4 Templates: Generating Text in a Hurry

Today, I'd like to tackle a subject that inspires ambivalence in me. Specifically, I mean the subject of automated text generation (including a common, specific flavor: code generation). If you haven't encountered this before, consider a common...

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