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Automated Code Review to Help with the Unknowns of Offshore Work

I like variety. In pursuit of this preference, I spend some time management consulting with enterprise clients and some time volunteering for "office hours" at a startup incubator. Generally, this amounts to serving as "rent-a-CTO" for startup...

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Transitioning from Manual to Automated Code Review

I can almost sense the indignation from some of you. You read the title and then began to seethe a little. Then you clicked the link to see what kind sophistry awaited you. "There is no substitute for peer review." Relax. I agree with you. In...

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Static Analysis to Hide My Ignorance about Global Concerns

"You never concatenate strings. Instead, always use a StringBuilder." I feel pretty confident that any C# developer that has ever worked in a group has heard this admonition at least once. This represents one of those bits of developer wisdom...

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Manual Code Review Anti-Patterns

Today, I'd like to offer a somewhat lighthearted treatment to a serious topic. I generally find that this tends to offer catharsis to the frustrated. And the topic of code review tends to lead to lots of frustration. When talking about code...

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CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 4

Today, I'll do another installment of the CodeIt.Right Rules, Explained series . I have now made four such posts in this series. And, as always, I'll start off by citing my two personal rules about static analysis guidance. Never implement a...

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Released: GhostDoc v5.5

GhostDoc version 5.5 delivers compatibility with VS2017 RTM as well as a number of fixes: VS2017 RTM support GhostDoc is now also available as VSIX for VS2017 Documentation Hints no longer visible in the Debug mode Fixed issue wrapping lines...

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Automation and the Art of Software Maintenance

I have long since cast my lot with the software industry. But, if I were going to make a commercial to convince others to follow suit, I can imagine what it would look like. I'd probably feature cool-looking, clear whiteboards, engaged people...

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Add Custom Content to Your Help Documentation

For the last several years, I've made more and more of my living via entrepreneurial pursuits. I started my career as a software developer and then worked my way along that career path before leaving fulltime employment to do my own thing. These...

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