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When is It Okay to Turn off Static Analysis Guidance

The balance among types of feedback drives some weird interpersonal dynamics and balances. For instance, consider the rather trite (if effective) management technique of the "compliment sandwich." Managers with a negative piece of feedback...

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Don't Just Flag The Issue -- Fix It!

More years ago than I'd care to admit, I took a software engineering course as part of my graduate CS program. At the time, I worked a full-time job during the day and did remote classes in the evening. As a result, I disproportionately valued...

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Generate Documentation from Your Build

Before I get down to the brass tacks of how to do some interesting stuff, I'm going to spin a tale of woe. Well, I might have phrased that a little strongly. Call it a tale of corporate drudgery. In any case, many years ago I worked briefly in a...

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The Case for a Team Standard

In professional contexts, I think that the word "standard" has two distinct flavors. So when we talk about a "team standard" or a "coding standard," the waters muddy a bit. In this post, I'm going to make the case for a team standard. But before...

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The Developer Feedback Loop

If you write software, the term "feedback loop" might have made its way into your vocabulary. It charts a slightly indirect route from its conception and into the developer lexicon, though, so let's start with the term's origin. A feedback loop...

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Released: GhostDoc v5.3 update

Version 5.3 of GhostDoc is a maintenance update for the v5.0 users: Added full support for string interpolation in C# and VB parsers Added support for "arrow functions" in JavaScript parser Fixed "File is not part of a solution" issue when...

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What's in a Name? Spelling Matters in Code

Think back to college (or high school, if applicable). Do you remember that kid that would sit near the front of the class and gleefully point out that the professor had accidentally omitted an apostrophe when writing notes on the white board...

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Why Automate Code Reviews?

In the world of programming, 15 years or so of professional experience makes me a grizzled veteran. That certainly does not hold for the work force in general, but youth dominates our industry via the absolute explosion of demand for new...

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