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CodeIt.Right Rules, Explained - Part 1

I've heard tell of a social experiment conducted with monkeys. It may or may not be apocryphal, but it illustrates an interesting point. So, here goes. Primates and Conformity A group of monkeys inhabited a large enclosure, which included a...

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Intro to T4 Templates: Generating Text in a Hurry

Today, I'd like to tackle a subject that inspires ambivalence in me. Specifically, I mean the subject of automated text generation (including a common, specific flavor: code generation). If you haven't encountered this before, consider a common...

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Released: GhostDoc v5.4 update

Version 5.4 of GhostDoc is a maintenance update for the v5.0 users: VS2017 RC integration New menu items - Getting Started Tutorial and Tutorials and Resources (Pro) (Ent) Edit buttons in Options - Solution Ignore List and Options - Spelling...

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CodeIt.Right v3.0 Release Candidate

We have just made available the Release Candidate of CodeIt.Right v3.0, here is the new feature highlights: VS2017 RC integration Solution filtering by date, source control status and file patterns Summary report view (announced as the Dashboard...

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Survey: What are your biggest code documentation challenges right now?

We are looking for your input and we're willing to bribe you for answering one very simple question: What are your biggest code documentation challenges right now? The survey is super-quick and we're offering a $20 discount code for your time...

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So You've Inherited a Legacy Codebase

During my younger days, I worked for a company that made a habit of a strategic acquisition. They didn't participate in Time Warner style mergers, but periodically they would purchase a smaller competitor or a related product. And on more than...

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Elements of Helpful Code Documentation

If you spend enough years writing software, sooner or later, your chosen vocation will force you into reverse engineering. Some weird API method with an inscrutable name will stymie you. And you'll have to plug in random inputs and examine the...

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When is It Okay to Turn off Static Analysis Guidance

The balance among types of feedback drives some weird interpersonal dynamics and balances. For instance, consider the rather trite (if effective) management technique of the "compliment sandwich." Managers with a negative piece of feedback...

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